Printout-counting System

In some printer models, there is a printout-counting system implemented by the printer manufacturer. This system keeps track of the printing volume of a cartridge and may have a pre-set limit on how much it allows the cartridge to print. Once the limit is reached, the printer may prompt you to replace the cartridge.

The issue arises when you install a compatible ink, toner, or drum that is not manufactured by the original printer brand. Since these compatible products are not recognized as official cartridges by the printer’s counting system, it may not accurately measure the ink or toner levels or update the printout count.

As a result, even if you have recently replaced the cartridge with a compatible one, the printer may still display an error message indicating that the cartridge needs to be replaced. In this situation, restarting the printer and running the replacement process again can help reset the counting system and clear the error message.

There are a number of ways to bypass this issue and it is usually solved with a reset using a paper clip or through counter resetting software.

Precaution should be taken when downloading software from third party sites to reset the counter. As this issue may be specific to certain printer models only, in most cases you will not be affected.